Hydroface: Look and feel young and beautiful*

  • Hydrates & Restores skin*
  • Tightens and smooths out wrinkles.*
  • Removes shallow and deep lines on the face, neck and neckline.*
  • Removes dryness and feelings of discomfort, keeps the skin smoother and firmer.*
  • 100% guarantee or your money back.
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What is Hydroface?

Hydroface is a 2-step anti-aging system and contains a pair of creams: Lift & Restore Peptide Cream - for the entire face and neck and Intensive Eye Contour Cream – for the delicate skin around the eyes. The innovative anti-aging formula of Hydroface is based on the latest trends in the beauty science. The quality ingredients are specially selected to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging on face and neck. Hydroface Advanced Double Active Revitalizing Set has many advantages over its competition as it is rich in skin tighteners, such as potent antioxidants, strong peptides and vitamins.

How to use

For best results apply to clean skin both creams twice a day.
● Lift & Restore Peptide Cream: Place a small amount of on the fingertips and massage thoroughly over face and neck. Avoid eye area.
● Intensive Eye Contour Cream: Apply small amount under and around the eye area in a circular motion.

Hydroface Lift & Restore Peptide Cream - 30 ml
For the skin of the entire face and neck



Hyaluronic acid

Extract of Macrocystis pyrifera

Edelweiss extract

Hydroface Intensive Eye Contour Cream - 15 ml
Especially for the area around and under the eyes

Niacinamide(Vitamin B3)